The Sorrentine peninsula: best tips about the beaches along the coast. Big apartment to rent in Vico Equense.

The Sorrentine peninsula, with its spectacular landscape jutting into the Tyrrhenian sea, is one of the most famous tourist destination in Italy. It extends from Castellammare di Stabia to Punta Campanella and acts as a watershed between the gulfs of Naples and Salerno.
The coast is characterised by high and craggy limestone cliffs that drop into the sea giving raise to both bays and coves where nature is still wild and unspoiled and rocky and sandy beaches which are more popular and easy to reach.
Where you choose to go and spend your time depends on what you are looking for.



- Things to know -

There are many bathing establishments with a fee entrance. Yes, you have to pay to go to the sea and even to rent a sun umbrella and a sunbed. Unfortunately there are few free beaches along the coast.

In July and August the beaches can get uncomfortably crowed so I strongly recommend you to go to the sea very early in the morning, around 8:30 am, or in the early afternoon, around 3 pm. Furthermore I suggest to go during weekdays because Italians from the area flock to the beaches around the gulf of Naples during the weekend.

However you may consider visiting the Sorrentine peninsula in spring or autumn when the weather is milder, the sea is cleaner and the beaches are more relaxing. Trust me, at this time of the year you will really have a pleasant experience.

  • The shore, often, slopes quite steeply once into the water so pay attention!
  • Bring a hat and sunscreen, wear comfortable clothing and shoes. A towel is also required.
  • Every beach has a great view on the gulf of Naples and Vesuvius.
Let’s start!

Vico Equense has several beaches

Bikini beach is a nice and more comfortable beach club compared to the ones in the surrounding area. It has black gravelly sand and clear and crystalline sea. The restaurant is good and the service is professional. Unfortunately it’s quite expensive: 5€ for the parking, 20€ for the entrance with a sunbed, 10€ for a sun umbrella. (Prices 2018)
It is located along the highway that connects Castellamare di Stabia to Vico Equense so you can get there only by car.

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Scrajo Terme: white and small pebbles perfect for children

Scrajo Terme is one of the historic beaches of Vico Equense.
From the Latin scrapeus, “craggy”, it owes its name to the particular shape of its steep ridge that slopes towards a sparkling sea so it represents the typical natural scenery of the Sorrentine peninsula. The beach is small but quite extended because it has concrete platforms on the high and rocky part of the coast. It is characterized by white and small pebbles and it is particularly suitable for children because the seabed is shallow and the cliffs protect the beach from the waves.

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Here the sea is always cold and clean because of the thermal water flowing continuously from the underwater stratum. Scrajo is, in fact, an important thermal center of springs of pure sulphurous water with precious therapeutic qualities, that you can try having a bath in their natural pool with a temperature of 18 degrees.

Antico bagno: small and sandy beach

Antico bagno is a very small, sandy and secluded beach which is situated at the bottom of a hill in the center of Vico Equense town. You can get there by car, by local buses or on foot but it is more convenient to use their "free navetta", a bus that takes you down directly to the beach and it is located by the train station, in front of the Hotel Astoria.

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The water is very clean thanks to the numerous and fresh natural springs.
It is cheaper than other beaches: the entrance is 7€ and you can choose the beach or the solarium, 8€ more for the sunbed and 7€ for a sun umbrella. (2018 Prices)
You are allowed to bring your own food, but they also offer a full bar/ restaurant where you have many excellent options.

Seiano: idyllic marina 

Seiano is a little village, 2 km far from Vico Equense, which stands on a sheer tufa cliff over the sea and is surrounded by the green hills of Mount Faito. It has a quaint and idyllic marina with some very nice restaurants and bars and lovely beaches. You can get there by local buses, by train with a 15 minute walk on a scenic road or by car as there are many parkings (5€ for the whole day).

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Are you looking for a place to stay in this area?
It would be a great pleasure for me to host you in my cozy apartment located in the little and pictoresque village of Seiano, 2 km far from Vico Equense.

Axidie beach

Famous resort but expensive

Axidie beach is a famous and huge resort surrounded by lush gardens which offers many services: a pool area next to the beach, a wellness centre, a soccer field (synthetic), tennis courts (2 synthetic, 1 clay), ping pong tables, two restaurants, a bar.

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Part of the beach has no sand but small rocks that can hurt feets so it's difficult to walk to the sea without rubber shoes. The water is not always very clean and the seabed is full of dark algae. The swiming pool is small and crowed and many facilities are dated.
It is unjustifiably more expensive than other similar resorts: 25€ for the entrance with a sunbed, 7€ for children, 5€ for the parking. (2018 prices.)

Calcare beach

very popular locals beach

You can find the same kind of water and sandy rough beach like shingle at Calcare beach wich is very popular with the locals and this definitely keeps the prices down as a matter of fact the entrance is free and you have to pay only to rent a deckchair (3€), a sunbed (6€), a sun umbrella (4€). The seabed is rocky and slippery and, if you are not used to, you may need rubber shoes.

There are two bar with everything you need to spend a relaxing day. They also rent paddle boats and I suggest you to rent it to admire the coast from the sea, it's a breathtaking view. Unfortunately in July and August this beach could be extremely noisy and overcrowded so that you couldn't even get through the hordes of people to get into the sea!

My favourite beach in Seiano: Pezzolo

If you want a more relaxing experience I strongly suggest to you my favourite beach in Seiano. It is called "Pezzolo" and it is located after the Caporivo tower which was built in 1608 to guard the marina. The beach is sandy with small pebbles.

The shallow waters make it suitable for families. The seabed is cristal clear. Access is free. There is an excellent bar run by lovely people who will do everything to make your stay wonderful.
One more tip: when you go to Seiano beach don't miss a pizza at “La Piazzetta” restaurant. It's one of the best in our area. You can buy it and eat along the sea.

Meta di Sorrento: the longest and wide beach of the sorrentine coast

Meta di Sorrento is a town about 4 km far from Sorrento which is characterized by one of the longest and wide beach of the entire peninsula. Probably it is less known than other cities along the coast but I have to tell you that it is a great place to enjoy the seaside in comfort since it’s not overcrowed.

The beach is divided into two zones:

  • Meta Mare with with very fine black sand and 
  • Marina di Alimuri with small pebbles. The water is perfectly clean and the seabed slopes gently.

There are some stretches of free beaches but above all several and very well organized bathing establishments which offers plenty activities for anyone: entertainment areas for children including cartoon on tv, swings, soccer and water polo nets, volleyball courts, canoes and pedal boats to rent.
There are also many cafès and restaurants with a wide selection of delcious food. You wil find great services at reasonable prices in a family and friendly environment.
Trust me, this beach is a pretty inexpensive hassle free way of enjoying a gorgeous beach day.
You can reach Meta by buses or by car since there is a wide parking area.

Sorrento is not a seaside town

Despite what you might think, Sorrento is not a seaside town. It is known for its coastal views and scenic landscapes but in the city center it has a very little volcanic sand strip with free beaches and bathing lydians built on wooden platforms which are often very crowded.

Marina Piccola beach is next to the port where ferries and hydrofoils continually leaves for other destinations in the gulf of Naples so the water isn’t always clean and refreshing. It is located a few steps from Piazza Tasso in the center of Sorrento and it can be reached by bus, by car, on foot or with the lift from Villa Comunale.

If you want to relax and spend an unforgettable day then you have to visit the wonderful “Bagni della Regina Giovanna”. It is a wild and uspoiled bay on a natural rocky cliff overlooking the sea. It is located in Capo di Sorrento, a quite promontory 3km far from Sorrento centre, where you can find few shops and places to eat.

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How to get to Bagni della Regina Giovanna? Sorrento

You can get there by car or it is also possible to walk from Sorrento (about 45 minutes at a steady pace) but I suggest you to catch the local bus up to Capo di Sorrento and ask the driver to show you the stop.

Once arrived, there is about a 15 minutes stroll down a steep path that gets more and more uneven and tricky. Walking down to the cove is breathtaking.

You have two choices:
  1. You can go down to the stunning lagoon with emerald sea water, surrounded by rock walls which are covered with colorful broom in spring and in summer. A natural arch allows water to reach the open sea from the cliff and you can even swim through the gap to the sea. I recommend wearing rubber shoes to be able to walk without difficulties, as the rocks can be sharp.
  2. Or you can go up to the ruins of the important roman villa of Pollio Felice where, according to legend, at the beginning of the fifteen century, queen Giovanna d’Angiò used to bathe naked with her young lovers shielded from prying eyes.

Bagni della regina Giovanna is the perfect destination for those looking to escape the city and settle into the quiet natural wonder of the Sorrentine coast. Words can’t describe how pretty and wonderful the water and the landscape are.

You will feel just as Gods. You will think that you had found a Mediterranean paradise with spectacular views over the Bay of Naples.
You may also be lucky enough to meet some of the animal species that inhabit the area and the locals diving from the 15 meter high cliffs!
This trip may be a challenge for those with limited mobility but it’s WORTH IT. However an alternative can be a tour with a private boat leaving from Sorrento port.
In the cove there is nothing besides nature so make sure to bring with you everything you might need.

Here my apartment for your holiday in the Sorrentine peninsula

  1. We will pick up you at the station and show you around the neighborhood, suggest places to go, how to get around and will be always available. 
  2. Stay like a local! We will show you the hidden side of our area so you can live the city as a real local.
  3. Handbook packed with useful information such as maps, trains and buses times, ferries and hydrofoils times and other tourist info.
  4. 10% discount at “La Piazzetta” restaurant which is located at the beach.

If you will come to visit us, you will love the place and the people! I wait for you! 😊

written by Local expert Valentina Esposito

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