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Liguria: Riviera di Levante best beaches. Best cities: Nervi, Bogliasco, Pieve Ligure, Sori, Recco, Avegno, Uscio. Italian Riviera: the other "cinque terre". 
Looking for a Cinque Terre Alternative? 7 Italian Riviera destinations.

Similar to Cinque Terre
Alternative to Cinque Terre 

Travelling between Genoa and the Portofino Promontory.
Riviera di Levante has seven municipalities: five on the seaside (Bogliasco, Pieve Ligure, Sori, Recco, Camogli) and two landlocked on the gulf (Avegno and Uscio).
In this article, I will talk about the cities of Nervi,
a second article we will talk more in depth about Camogli, Portofino and San Fruttuoso

NERVI: winter holiday

This itinerary starts from NERVI (east cost of Genoa), a winter seaside resort famous for its natural beauty and mild climate.
Nervi was a favourite destination of the European aristocracy between the late 19th and the early 20th centuries.
Much of its charm is in its seaside walk, Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi, where you can admire the whole stretch of the Golfo Paradiso (Gulf of Paradise) up to the promontory of Portofino.

Worth a visit the public gardens of Villa Groppallo, Villa Grimaldi and Villa Serra, botanic gardens full of Mediterranean and exotic plants.

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The cliff is very beautiful and, although there are several bathing establishments, I do not recommend it for a swim in the sea.

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BOGLIASCO: seaside resort

In the east side of Nervi you can find BOGLIASCO, a seaside resort with lovely Ligurian houses.
The most beautiful place to visit is: the cliff of Pontetto between Bogliasco and Pieve Ligure full of tourists during the summer season.

How to get to the cliff of Pontetto?

You need to get to the train station of Pontetto and, just in correspondence with the level crossing, take a characteristic Ligurian “crêuza” (typical narrow path or mule track) that descends towards the sea.
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In Bogliasco we will find several beaches.  
There are bathing establishments that offer deckchairs, cribs, changing cabins for a fee.
There are also several beaches in Bogliasco: in front of the nautical club there is one sandy and one with pebbles, both with free showers.
Following uphill on the road that leads to the church there are two staircases that go down quite steep and lead to two different rocky beaches. The water is clean in all the beaches and both have bars and ice cream parlors.

PIEVE LIGURE: wonderful cliff

Always spring in Pieve Ligure the flower “mimosa” blooms in January.
From Pieve Alta take the path to San Bernardo, the path, overlooked the sea, known for its sweetness, the view it offers, its sheltered position is a pedestrian “corniche” for families, priceless…
In Pieve Ligure there are no beaches but a large, wonderful cliff.
You can find it under the train station.
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If you need relax, perhaps it is not the most suitable place, it is very popular, but you can find everythingJ you need: showers, kiosk, which offers ice cream, beers and cool drinks.
The positive thing about places like this is that the sea is always clean.
In the summer the beach is crowded even in the evening: if you stop until sunset, you can see a bustle of people who come there to get a barbecue party with friends.

SORI: famous Jazz Festival

SORI a seaside resort situated at the mouth of the river in a bay of the Golfo Paradiso. Beaches and sheer cliffs, those who want to enjoy the sea have come to the right place. There are entertainment, sports and music for everyone, including the famous Jazz Festival.
Sori overlooks a pebble beach and is the second largest in the Levante Genovese after Cavi di Lavagna.
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There are some free beaches in Sori, equipped with showers, and 3 bathing establishments. There is the municipal swimming pool and the Sailing Club.
There are two scenic trekking routes: a path leads to the top of the Sant'Apollinare mountain and another to Pieve Alta. For the fishermen we recommend the Capo Pino cliff, located at the end of the bay to the east.

RECCO: gastronomic capital of Liguria

From Sori, the state road Aurelia continues to RECCO, a resort situated to the west of the Portofino headland. During the Second World War it was destroyed by bombing and later rebuilt.
Recco has earned the title of "gastronomic capital of Liguria", with 3,000 seats at the table in restaurants, trattorias and “focacceria” (like pizzerias). The merit goes to the famous “focaccia” with cheese, celebrated with a party every fourth Sunday of May, with free focaccia for all participants!
There are two bathing establishments at the center of the seaside promenade.
The beach of Recco is made of pebbles, not sand.

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Do you want to ride the waves? In this beach, with the construction of a submarine artifact, they created particular conditions that form waves suitable for this activity, do not expect California, but the boys, more or less young, certainly have fun.There is a surf school in Punta Sant'Anna: you can rent equipment and get surfing lessons.

AVEGNO: green hinterland

From Recco, a road climbs to AVEGNO (8 km. away). It is a discovery, in the green hinterland, for those who escape from the coastal crowding, and have a lot to offer. Starting from that climate mitigated by the sea and the breeze that makes the summer even more sweet and makes pleasant walks in the shade of the olive trees.
Here is my holiday apartment: 4 / 6 people in the Golfo Paradiso. Here, finally you can rest.

garden golfo paradiso
Apartment Golfo Paradiso

USCIO: hillside resort

From Avegno the road continues to USCIO. A hillside resort known for the Arnaldi colony, a large health and tourist complex.
Uscio is located on a tourist route that connects the animation of the coast with the quiet of the hill and offers easy access to peaceful holidays and the pleasures of good traditional cuisine.
Back to Recco, proceed along via Aurelia to CAMOGLI a tourist and seafaring town on the western slope of the Portofino headland.
But we'll talk about this, next time! If you find this post useful, please share it. Thank you.

Written by local expert: Adolfo Beverini

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