Several poets were fascinated by Mantua, like Baudelaire who described it as “a world asleep in a warm light” and Huxley who defined it “the most romantic city in the world”.
Saint Valentine day is getting closer, and rather than buying chocolate, flowers, and jewelry why don’t you take your partner for a romantic break instead?

Romantic break in italy 


Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world with its picturesque villages, lakes, and ancient cities soaked with history, atmosphere, and inspiration.
There’s nothing as romantic as wandering the narrow streets in Rome at night or renting a gondola in Venice.

But if you are looking for a destination different from the classic Rome, Florence, and Venice, Italy has much more to offer. In fact, some of the most romantic destinations are the little-known towns rich of idyllic spots for romance, where you can walk hands in hands pretending you’re there alone. Like Mantua: a city of art and history whose charm has been intact since the Middle Ages. Its size and beauty have been unchanged over the time thank the three little lakes which surround the city, that isolated it from the rest of the world.

Romantic mantua: Skyline

Known as The Sleeping Beauty (La Bella Addormentata), today Mantua is a Unesco World Heritage Site and a unique city, where history and ancient art are in continuous contact with modern life.
This small city in Lombardy is the birthplace of poet Virgil and composer Monteverdi, and over the Centuries it has been able to attract and inspire poets and writers from all over the world: Shakespeare chose Mantua as the exile of his hero Romeo from Verona, Verdi chose it for the setting of his tragic opera Rigoletto.
Mantova is a Renaissance gem and a charming place to visit and it appeals to those who are fond of culture and art.

Things To Do The Most Romantic Places in Italy

You’ll have plenty of romantic options:

  1. Enjoying a walk on the lake, 
  2. Strolling along the narrow old streets and porticos in the city center, 
  3. Relaxing in a cafe on a renaissance square. 
  4. A day trip to explore the surrounding area (Verona, Park Sigurtà... )

My personal top choices for a romantic walk are Piazza Delle Erbe (where you can sit and have an Aperitivo while enjoying the beautiful setting), and for art and culture passionate I recommend a visit to the Bridal Chamber frescoed by Andrea Mantegna inside Saint George Castle, and the chamber of Cupid and Psyche in Palazzo Te, a Giulio Romano’s masterpiece .
Trust me: it’s worth a visit just for the spectacle of frescoes.


Despite it’s a small town, there’s enough to keep any visitor occupied for a day or two, although the relaxed atmosphere of Mantua may well keep its guests there for longer.  


You can stay in my romantic apartment in the city center of Mantova with a picturesque lake view.
If you book my apartment, you can also find a complete travel guide with the most romantic restaurants in Mantua.

Holiday apartment in mantova italy
Romantic apartment in Mantova, Lombardy

Besides, Mantua would make lovely base from which to explore the surrounding area too, like Verona (45 km) where you can find Juliet’s house complete with her balcony and statue, as well as thousands of love letters tucked into the wall around Valentine’s Day (you can even write one yourself!).

TIP: Don’t forget to rub the right breast of Juliet's statue for luck, and take a picture of the balcony.
And, by the way, you don’t have to be romantic just on Valentine’s day…. Mantua is full of atmosphere and romance all year round!
In July and August, for instance, you’ll see the lakes covered by the pink petals of the Lotus Flowers… just unmissable!

romantic flowers

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Soon another article on the tastiest things to eat in Mantua. Stay Tuned!

Written by local expert: Patrizia Castagna

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